Welcome to a website dedicated to my personal photography.

I've been taking pictures since the early 80's sparked by my love of music. Starting off with 110mm colour snaps of friends and live gigs, I graduated to shooting in 35mm black and white and went on to develop and print my own films and images (remember film?). Moving to the big, shiny metropolis of Leeds from the North East in the mid 80's opened up a whole world of music and a very different lifestyle to the one I had in my home town.

This move prompted me to try and document what was happening at the time. Here you'll find images of the many gigs I attended, the bands and audiences, various demonstrations and events and snapshots of everyday life around me. Although some of the pictures seemed almost mundane at the time, looking at them now it seems like a world that's long since disappeared.

All the shots featured on the West Yorkshire and Leeds 80's & 90's pages were taken with a Pentax ME Super generally using either Ilford HP5 or FP4 film. Many of the films were developed myself hence the scratches and blemishes ('adds to the atmosphere' I've been told).

I've been lucky enough to get to travel to some interesting, distant locations and always had a camera to hand. Spending time in South East Asia especially, the unique light, vibrant colours and the way life spills from the houses and shops onto the street, meant anyone with an interest in photography is spoilt for potential pictures.

A great deal of the travel images featured were taken on a tiny digital camera but have featured in publications such as Lonely Planet Magazine, The Telegraph, Sunday Times Travel Mag and have won a few competitions. I suppose this goes to show it's not the equipment but more the subject and how you approach it that really make a good shot.

Many of the shots featured on the Travel and South East Asia pages were taken with the small but perfectly formed Fuji Finepix Digital Camera (including some that were taken after the camera had been dropped in the South Pacific and then dried out again).

I've also featured a section of shots taken using my iPhone and the app 'Autostitch' which, as the name implies, joins several images together. It does require you to take 20-30 shots of a subject to achieve the panoramic effect but produces a strange, dream-like quality especially where moving objects or people occur. Definitely not for the photographic purists out there but interesting nevertheless. Admittedly, I got a bit obsessed with this, spending an age rooted to the spot clicking madly backwards and forwards which drew some stares from other point and shoot photographers.
That said, I have found myself recently gravitating back toward film and larger format equipment (6x4.5 cm) to rediscover the discipline found in shooting to a 24 or even 12 picture limit... watch this space to see if I get anything worth showing!

Thanks. Andrew - Sept. 2013